About Awards

The Global Employee Choice Awards 2024

A study leveraging the Science and research of multi-generational Well-Being & Engagement Model.

Let only employees be your brand champion and judge.

About W.E.-Global Employees Choice

When CEOs, CHROs and industry leaders voiced their concerns stating how awards recently have deviated from authenticity and lacked objectivity and proper categorization.

"We inserted the publication listing us as the winner of this decade old award in the docket of the board of directors. One of the directors remarked, "At the Mumbai airport I saw the idli wala has also won the same award. " You need to do something to help the industry."

In a world full of awards that are fully commercialized with no distinction in categories, the W.E. Global Employees" Choice Workplace focuses on recognizing real efforts and commitment towards employee engagement.

"To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace." – Doug Conant

Our awards celebrate leaders, CEOs, CHROs, and managers from over 40 companies. Last year, we saw participation from 160 companies, with 40 distinguished winners, including industry giants like Tata Power, Nippon, HDFC AMC, and more.

Why W.E. Employee's Workplace A UNIQUE RECOGNITION?

No Audit

No Jury

No Subjective Intervention

100% Objectivity

Awards description
  • W.E. Employees" Choice Workplace is based on a survey of all the employees in all the participating companies.
  • The results are based on 100% quantitative measures delivered by the survey.
  • There are no qualitative audits or subjective judgement of any kind.
  • The categories have been defined to recognize individuals and workplaces on specific criteria.
  • The results are based on the world's only multigenerational model, W.E.-Matter, with P5, manager, HR, well-being and other relevant indices as the criteria.