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W.E.-Matter™ is the only employee engagement & Well-being model and digital consulting platform in the world that is performance focused.
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Employees Matter: Listen through an Employee engagement survey

Covid-19 has impacted Employee engagement and attrition disruptively. Hope makes the present moment less difficult to bear. With vaccinations and the opening up of economies globally, people are more hopeful of a brighter future. However, their pent-up frustration is leading to mass resignation. W.E.-Matter campaign holds that hope like a light from within to help the youth effectively utilize their energy for productive outcomes. To realize their inner strengths, get inspired, they need to be effectively engaged. Moreover, develop an attitude that leads them to a better, brighter future together with the improved engagement of employees through the W.E. Matter employee engagement survey model.

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Can you predict Employee performance?

Would you wait till the end of the quarter to see the revenue numbers? -Revenue or Sales is a lag indicator, you can only use for learning in the future. You cannot take corrective actions for the past quarter. OR Would you rather predict performance for the next quarter?

Implement Employee Engagement Survey and watch out for our lead indicators from W.E. Predict™. It is the only performance predictor in the world – predicts team performance using AI/ML-supported algorithms. It is based on passion, peacefulness, and discretionary effort, driven by employee engagement and well-being, measured by an employee engagement survey…. Ideally every quarter

Would you like to fix the problem and engage your employees before it wastes the crucial quarter in uncertain times?

You no longer have to waste 3 to 6 months in action planning for your organization, SBUs, Functions, Leaders, and managers after the completion of the employee engagement survey.

Every manager, leader, HR professional, and an employee gets a scorecard with identified problem areas and a recommended action plan by our W.E. Prescribe™ algorithm leveraging AI/ML. Using our W.E. Action™ planning portal managers, leaders, and HR can collaborate with their teams and create new action plans or use our recommended action plans to create engaged and productive teams… All of this is In Real-Time after the employee engagement survey.

Drive strategic agenda through engagement and well-being of Employees

Human Capital, Financial Capital, and Economic Capital are the three resources needed for any business. The differentiator is Human Capital. When you measure Financial Resources and Economic Resource, why not invest in measuring the health of human capital with an employee engagement survey.

What was hitherto an expensive and time-consuming process of coaching leaders to fix team issues, thereby enabling and ensuring that the Human Capital delivers critical business goals. It is now digitally available to all the leaders in your organization. Our Digital W.E. Leader Coach™ is available to all the leaders in your organization, which was hitherto to the precinct of only senior leaders when the need was highest for emerging and junior leaders

A well-researched and proven model for Employee Engagement Surveys

Well-being and Engagement (W.E.) Matter ™ is the world’s only contemporary multi-generational model which puts the onus on Manager, Leaders, and Employees for the organization’s improved Engagement and Well-Being, enabled by HR. The only employee engagement survey model that supports predictive and prescriptive analytics through well-researched algorithms supported by AI/ML. The model is the heart of all the modules and builds in flexibility to adapt itself to multicultural issues across global geographies.

employee engagement survey automated report
automated reports

Automated Reports, Manager & Leader Scorecards

A 2 to 3-month wait for getting the employee engagement survey reports and scorecards and paying for additional analysis is history.

W.E. Analytics™ helps you identify engagement levels and critical drivers in every nook and corner of the organization with multiple filters that can be used simultaneously – from geography to product groups, to customer verticals, to functions, to gender, to generational diversity, you name it – that is critical for your organization, 100% customized. While you can create your reports from the dashboards, predefined reports are also available.  The leader and manager scorecards can be downloaded from the portal or directly emailed to the respective manager and leaders – all at a click of a button and in real-time after the close of the survey. Thus, it delivers the best possible results of improved employee engagement at your workplace.


Client Testimonials

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