Work From Anywhere

The pandemic situation has introduced new norms for work as the well-being of the employees takes precedence over profit. “Work From Anywhere” is the new normal style of work. It can mean anything from working remotely, to working partially from the office to freely working when and where the employee feels comfortable as long as productivity and profit are not compromised.

It’s Not Complicated. It is simply the choice of workplace taking into account the wellbeing of the employees.

Once the pandemic gets over, many businesses will have to make the difficult decision of whether or not they want their workforce to return to the workplace. Adopting a “flexible workplace” will be the need of the hour. It will be the right move forward post-pandemic as it will extend the working from anywhere policy. Working from anywhere will allow a lot of flexibility and the business houses will be able to adapt on the fly whenever needed.

Benefits of working from anywhere

Work from anywhere has the following benefits:

  1. Better Work-Life Balance – as long as the workers are able to complete the tasks assigned to them every day and there is a strong outcome. With a flexible work schedule employees are able to start and end their day as they choose, attending to the needs of their personal life, whether they are dropping their children off at school or running a few errands, it will be easier to balance work and life.    
  2. Less Commute Stress – commuting to and from the office and getting stuck in traffic jams, wastes a lot of time. More than 30 minutes of daily one-way commuting is associated with increased levels of stress and anxiety. Working from anywhere ditches the commuting time, takes care of the mental and physical health of the workers. It allows them to focus on priorities outside of work, spending more time with their family and much more.
  3. Location Independence – working from anywhere a worker may have access to job opportunities that aren’t limited by geographic location. This is especially helpful for job seekers from small towns, rural communities, and people who have to move frequently like military spouses. Working remotely while the workers from small towns and villages would not have to spend money paying high rent. The high cost of living in major metropolitan cities and the military spouses would not be forced to start from the bottom of a new company each time they have to shift.
  4. Improved Inclusivity – working from anywhere policy helps organizations to attract talent from across the country.  In doing so there will be many benefits that will boost workplace culture and support diversity, community, and family. People who have a hard time finding steady employment at an onsite job due to some disability will benefit from this policy. They will get the opportunity to follow their career goals without having to worry about commuting to and from the office. They will also have the advantage of seeking medical care when needed without missing out on their work schedule.
  5. Money Savings – a lot of money is saved by workers working from anywhere. They don’t have to spend on fuel, car maintenance, transportation, parking fees, a professional wardrobe, and eating outside. Not just the employees, even the companies will be able to save a lot of funds. There will be long-term cost savings and the expenditure on overheads, real estate costs, transit subsidies and continuity of operations would not be required which will be beneficial for the company owners who will earn more by investing very less.
  6. Positive Environmental Impact – workers working from anywhere help save the environment as well. By reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Eventually it helps to control the greenhouse gas emissions and millions of tons of oil are saved. Further by keeping a check on the use of paper, air conditioners, lights, fans, etc. have a potential impact on air quality.
  7. Impact on Sustainability – working from anywhere provides a variety of sustainability initiatives. The world was witness to the impact that working from home. The pollution, congestion, and traffic, and everything was reduced which reduced the carbon footprint and affected climate change. Having experienced the result firsthand will only encourage the “flexible workplace” model for everyone involved.
  8. A Customizable Office – people working from anywhere can create a comfortable office where they wish to sit and work. This particular place has everything according to their needs and comforts.
  9. Increased Productivity and Performance – working from anywhere, especially if working from home has certain interesting advantages. Working from home a person cannot be interrupted by those who are not interested in doing their work. He/she is away from office politics & the noise level at home is comparatively lower than that in an office. Hence the meetings held are more efficient as each person is more attentive. Added to these he has more time as he does not commute, there are fewer distractions, which ultimately means increased productivity.
  10. A Happier, Healthier Work Place – working from anywhere, a place of their choosing with their working schedules makes the workers happier, healthier, and more loyal employees. Researchers find that working from home or working remotely the employees show lower stress. They have more time for their hobbies and interests and their relationships improve among other things. They also believe that the relationship between co-workers and managers is better without distractions and office politics. This also encourages employee retention. 


If we carefully analyze the above-mentioned benefits of working from anywhere we will realize that they are not just benefits of working from anywhere, but they are the prerequisites for employee engagement. An organization that fulfills all the above has 100% employee engagement. When the employees are comfortable, satisfied, happy, healthy, and involved in their work, only then they are able to connect with the organization and work properly.

In the future, all the businesses around the world will depend on the above factors for achieving their goals. When all the above are fulfilled they will be able to taste success.