Technology shifts in workspace

Technology shifts in workspace

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Companies were in a mess not long ago because they had to deal with a lot of paperwork, meetings had to be held in rooms, travel expenses for client meetings were incurred, and communication across the organization was difficult.Technology has aided businesses in many ways, from communication to problem-solving methods. With the help of new technology, all operational and communication issues have been simplified and streamlined. Businesses are no longer required to pause in any of their operations.

The invention of technology has overcome any barriers that existed previously, such as communication barriers, task-performing barriers, and management barriers. Businesses can now stay focused on their goals thanks to the Internet and various software and applications, with little or no disruption from day-to-day operational procedures.

Machines have helped workers in producing more output throughout history. Despite fears that automation would eliminate jobs or result in mass unemployment, technology has always resulted in the creation of new ones. Indeed, as labor productivity increased, so did job growth in the past.

Technology has become an essential tool to communicate and engage with GenY and GenZ. Technology enabled employee engagement is sustainable and efficient.


These are the major shifts we have seen in technology and thanks to it:

Digital thinking


The internet has created a completely new world that exists entirely online. It is now possible to learn large-scale retail operations without having to rent an office or a warehouse, thanks to the internet. We can get a traffic of over a thousand people on our websites and our  social media pages by just a celebrity posting about our page. It is also possible to automate everything and simply sit back and watch the process unfold. Technology and internet have drastically changed what we do and how we de them at the workplace. You could be managing social media campaigns for a company whose products you will never see, let alone use them. Managers today coordinate with employees spread across the world. Engaging a digital workforce is a new area that has evolved. It is addressed only by W.E.-Matter Employee Engagement model.


Technology in the workplace allows employees to accomplish more with less effort. This saves them time and energy, which they can put to better use elsewhere. Additionally, cloud-based tools allow employees to stay connected to their jobs even when they are away. All these factors aid employers in monitoring employee productivity.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has become a requirement in today’s business world. In this regard, the impact of various SaaS systems, such as W.E.-Matter’s employee engagement platform suite, is significant. Employers can now engage their employees while on the go, regardless of where they are located. With most working-class members belonging to the tech-savvy generation, mobile employee engagement has become the only option. In addition, implementing a cloud-based platform is now assisting employers in conserving a significant amount of their tangible resources.

Performance Management

This is one of the most obvious areas where technology’s advantages can be seen. Before the introduction of technology, determining workplace productivity of employees was never easier. Employers can obtain accurate data about their workplace activities using a variety of performance management tools.Decision-makers can now take the right step at the right time based on this information. Effective performance management is the bedrock for employee engagement, that can enhance productivity by 30% as per our research.

Increased Collaboration

The way businesses collaborate has changed dramatically because of technological advancements. We can now communicate with people from anywhere and at any time thanks to technological advancements. This increased collaboration has resulted in a high level of communication flexibility, allowing employees, coworkers, and managers to easily connect with one another.

Employees can now connect and communicate regardless of their location, which has aided in encouraging teamwork, mutual understanding, and employee bonding. Improved collaboration also aids leaders and managers in keeping in touch with their employees and better managing them. Collaboration and increased access to coaching and mentoring from managers and leaders leads to better employee engagement.

Remote Working

Remote working, teleconferencing, and co-working spaces have all been made possible by new technology, completely transforming the modern workplace. Instant and remote access has been enabled by mobile and cloud technology, allowing for internet-based service models. As a result, there are many interconnected workplaces rather than just one. Virtual conferencing holds them together, allowing for a complete connection. A real time employee engagement platform, like W.E. Matter, is needed to effectively engage people working remotely or from anywhere.

Technology’s roots have now penetrated much deeper into our working lives.

Millennials and Gen Z employees now make up the majority of employees in today’s workplaces. The incorporation of technology becomes even more important in order to keep up with their needs. As a result, computation has become an inextricable part of today’s working environments.