Social media: the mediating factor for employee engagement

Social media: the mediating factor for employee engagement

Workplaces are rapidly changing as a result of social media, and businesses are more interested in incorporating it into their operations. Social media is a platform that allows people inside and outside of organisations to communicate and work with one another. It not only provides a complete knowledge management system. But it also gives the management with very simple and adaptable tools. Social media applications (such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) are currently playing an essential role in human contact within organisations. Employees use internet programmes in the workplace because they improve operational efficiency. In today’s competitive market, social media has become a critical component of organisational design. 

An employee’s job performance, employee engagement or success in an organisation is influenced by a variety of factors (both internal and external). Internal elements include individual ability, knowledge, and skill, whereas external ones include the working environment, features of given tasks, motivation, organisational structure, and Human Resource Management methods.

Employees are the most significant assets of any firm. Since they are capable of creating value and enabling organisations to maintain a sustained competitive edge. Employee productivity and employee engagement is critical to any company’s success. Social media, which has grown in popularity, has penetrated the office, with the majority of employees using it there.

Why does showcasing company culture on social media important?

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Simply defined, company culture reflects the personality of the company. It is determined by the working atmosphere as well as the opinions of current and former team members. It is critical to successfully promote the company culture through social media in order to effectively target and reach qualified applicants. 

According to statistics, a company’s culture has a direct impact on employee engagement. This has an impact on productivity and, as a result, success. 

Use posts and content created by them to enhance your page. When they willingly give you such content that shows how much they appreciate their surroundings.

Employees should not be forced to interact with the firm on social media, but you should encourage them to do so. At business functions and outings, suggest group shots. Recommend that team members post these photographs to their own social media profiles as well as to your company’s.

Does social media really boost employee engagement?

Given the popularity of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn, and the millions of users who log in each day, using social media to enhance employee engagement makes obvious. While not all companies are convinced that using this to achieve engagement goals is a good idea. Some businesses have found that incorporating these digital channels into engagement plans has been effective. Here are some ways that socials might boost employee engagement for organisations prepared to take a risk.

Using the correct platform:

It’s critical to understand what platforms employees use on a regular basis before embarking on a route of using these to increase employee engagement. A younger workforce may be more likely than an older workforce to use a different social networking site. A social media engagement strategy should focus on anywhere your employees connect.

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Make the right connections:

Companies must decide how they will connect with their workforce after deciding which platform or tools are best aligned to engage employees. This may involve creating a private group or thread dedicated to employees. Then inviting them to like or follow it once it’s up. Creating a secure place where employees can access the updates and information they need to succeed in the workplace is one strategy to boost employee engagement. Employees may also be encouraged to post their comments, problems, or questions in the group or thread as a speedier, more effective manner of contacting leaders or departments..

Celebrate the small successes of the employees:

Recognition is one approach to increase employee engagement on social media. Many employees are disengaged with their employers because they do not receive feedback or acknowledgement for a job well done. Managers and supervisors may use social media to make recognition an easy, simplified, and achievable job. It also gives employees a quick and easy method to see how others in the company are making a difference.