Role of HR in Employee Engagement

HR plays a crucial role in employee engagement.

HR or Human Resource is one of the most important aspect. It is because without the human resource nothing can work and nothing can be achieved. Organizations, companies, businesses etc. are all about human effort. The human effort is required to do something innovative in order to achieve some goals in order to make profit. Even the smallest achievement is made possible by the human resource involved. 

People or the employees make up an organization. If these people fail to connect with the organization, do not feel the need to put in their effort for the organizational goals, the existence of the organization will come impossible. This is where Employee Engagement becomes an important process of the organization in order to achieve its goals.

Role of HR in an organization.

The HR department of any organization deals with the recruitment, training, boarding, managing, development and growth of the employees. They administer the recruitment and promotion policies of the organization, they set the salary structure, the increment or the bonus, the medical facilities and reimbursements, the loans and advances if any, the leave structure, etc HR frames terms and conditions of the contract for the employees working on contractual basis.

HR and Employee Engagement  

In the current scenario Employee Engagement has become a very critical issue for an organization as well as for the HR. Employees find it difficult to get a job that suits there experience and at the same time provides them the job satisfaction that they are looking for. The HR department of an organization has to be well equipped to deal with both these bench marks: it should have a job vacancy that is as per the skills and experience of the person being recruited and the work place should take care of the needs and aspirations of the individual employees in order to provide them job satisfaction and keep them engaged.

To answer the question what makes employees engaged at work, the HR department is the one who knows the correct answer. They have to provide the following to deal with employee engagement:

Fulfilling work:

It is the duty of the HR department to provide proper working facilities for the employees. This would ensure employees to perform their duties properly and also get job satisfaction. Only then the employees feel connected and hence engaged.

Alignment to goals:

While assigning work to each employee as per their skills the HR department has to make sure that the employees understand what the target they have to achieve is. It is the job of the managers as well as the HR people to explain the goals of the organization to the employees before they start their work and also to keep a check that the work being done is in the right direction. Being focused and goal oriented helps the employees to understand the importance of their work and they perform accordingly. They care about their personal achievements as well as the achievements of their organization. This increases and improves productivity and thus improves employee engagement. 

Proper management:

The HR department has to make arrangements for the proper management of the employees by able and engaged managers. This will help the employees understand what they have to do as they will get proper guidance and coaching from their managers. This will further improve employee engagement.

Career prospects:

The HR department has to make sure that the employees get ample opportunities to enhance their skills and grow and develop within the organisation. This way the employees understand that the organisation values their growth as much as it values its own growth.Brighter career prospects improve the commitment and connection of the employees with the organisation helping them to stay engaged.

Proper training:

It is the job of the HR department to provide proper tools, proper environment along with the proper skills and abilities to the employees so that they can perform their jobs properly. Providing proper training is an important aspect of this process. Training not only helps the employees improve their existing skills but also helps them in learning new skills. This training process improves the productivity of the employees, they enjoy the work that they do and this happy and healthy atmosphere improves employee engagement.  

Good salary:

People work to earn money, to survive and provide the basic needs of their family. If the salary structure of an organization is not able to meet the needs of its employees, they tend to leave the job. They look for better opportunities. The HR department has to make sure that the salary structure is such that it provides the proper remuneration. The remuneration should be fixed as per the abilities and performance of the employees. The remuneration should fulfill the basic needs of the employees. I t should also have scope for increments or rewards for the extra effort put in by them. The structure should provide loans, advances and medical facilities . Proper and a good salary increases employee engagement.


In order to achieve better employee engagement, the HR department of each and every organization must include all the above factors only then they can expect better results. Employees with the right set of skills who are able to adjust to the working environment, easily fit into a team. The employees have an optimistic approach towards their work, are passionate about learning new skills and techniques and accept the blame as easily as they accept a reward, are the optimistic people the HR department should be looking for if they want to recruit engaged employees.