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Why managers are important?​

A manager is an intricate part of the organization. The Values, Vision, and Purpose of the organization are set, developed, and amended by the Managers by taking into consideration the perspective of all the employees in the organization. The most essential element of aligning and building the people within an organization is the crucial part of a Manager’s functions. Being one of the drivers of Organizational Engagement, the role of the Manager is to channelize varied talents, thoughts, processes and utilizing them to achieve the organization’s goals.

What do they do?​

Managers with the help of an Employee Engagement survey get an in-depth idea of the state of the employees within the organization. This data provides them with an effective strategy to build, amend or eliminate certain plans of action which determine the necessary milestones in the development as the success of the organization.
W.E. Matter’s Manager Effectiveness Survey collects the data related to the goals planned by all the people associated with the organization. It provides scorecards of these collected data, defining the drivers and recommendations. All the recorded data are automated as per their weightage into different action areas.

Our Manager Effectiveness Approach

Active Listening

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Performance- At individual as well as team level

Managers have to understand the overall condition of the organization. As both internal and external factors tend to affect the company-wide performance of the organization. A comprehensive Employee Engagement Survey based on diverse themes delivers an intricate analysis into the behavior of the people measured by the 5 “P” s: Promoters, Persistent, Perseverance, Passionate, Peacefulness of Engagement.

Recognition-Action planning needs to be Subjective.

After conducting a survey to analyze the performance of the employees within the organization it becomes necessary to work on the segments that have been lagging in terms of effective movement of progress. A Prescriptive Plan of Action becomes a major contributing factor for Managers to create an environment of appreciation and recognition within the organization. The culture of recognition must be constantly re-evaluated in order to track the changes at the employee level within the organization.

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Belonging- Measures to provide Proactive Problem Solving

Caring about the diverse needs, goals, expectations, passion, thoughts, opinions and suggestions is one of the important ways of developing the bond of trust within the employees. Once the Managers are aware of the aspirations of their people and the teams, they are able to encourage a profound method of solving problems that tend to arise at the individual level and align them with the organization’s goals. Employee Engagement, therefore, leads to the effective and better performance of employees towards the organization. 

Development- Encouraging Learning and Growth via Coaching

 Employee Engagement Survey provides managers with a technically calculated data analysis with multiple recommendations to create frameworks for developing various development and training programs. Once the Managers get detailed input on the individual progress of the employees, they are able to prepare for measures to increase engagement of individual employees which in turn results in an overall increase in the output of the organization. Providing coaching honoring the progress at team levels helps the employees receiving more insights and progress at an individual as well as organizational level. Gradually this process helps in the development of the entire organization

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Teamwork- Building a positive energy team to build business

Conducting this 360° survey helps the managers to identify the risks, manage them effectively which in the end benefits the organizational growth. When the people within a team are aware of each other and their work, mutual trust is built further affirming the foundations of the organization. Having positive mindfulness within a team is intricate for a successful organization.

The most essential elements of Organizational Engagement that drive the W.E. Matter model are a stress-free environment, trust in business & leadership, transparent communication, customer focus. These drivers are owned by the organizational drivers like Managers, Leaders, and Employees and it is enabled by HR.

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