Employee wellbeing

W.E. Matter is a futuristic model that proposes to measure the engagement and well-being of the team, decipher the underlying reasons and identify action areas using our Well-being & Engagement (W.E.) model. This is the only model that is capable of addressing the millennials and Gen-Z expectations.


W.E Matter model has added the Well-Being index which focuses on three main well-being drivers that have been added to address the expectations of Gen Y and Gen Z. After the survey is conducted, the collected data is analyzed technically based on recorded information. The model provides the scorecards which display an absolute prioritized parameter score segregated according to the impact they have on engagement.

WE Matter employees

Family & Social Wellbeing

In the current times the individuals are getting even more isolated. Maintaining a work-life balance has been a serious challenge. W.E. Matter model seeks to address this issue and recommends encouraging ways to socialize and rejuvenate by spending quality time with Family and Best Friend.

Financial Well-Being

This addresses the importance of financial management of the employees. It also recommends effective measures that can be taken to help employees in managing their transactions and Financial Planning.

happy employees

Physical & Mental Well-Being​

It plays a major part in the wellbeing of an employee. Hence this model focuses on organizing charts and plans for maintaining good health, diet, and sufficient rest. It also gives equal importance to mental health and suggests measures for coping up with Anxiety & Depression.

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