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Employee Engagement Roadblocks: 5 Do's to Navigate Your Team to Success

Employee Engagement Strategies

Imagine being the leader of a company that had an amazing quarter, with promising prospects in the foreseen future and investors standing in line, waiting to invest….

Only there is one catch to this situation, every single day for that particularly AMAZING quarter, your employees after working for hours and hours, travelled to their homes,

not just with the office bags in their hands,

but also, emotional baggage in their heads…

Now your reaction as a leader to the other side of the coin matters a lot.

Employee engagement is a sensitive issue with its own nuances and intricacies. And not everyone can handle it with the required grace and understanding.

The mistakes involved in employee engagement can range from a simple lack of certain gestures to complicated issues of lack of connection.

Employee Engagement Survey

However, the intensity of such issues does not matter, what matters is that they exist and are slowly eating away your employees’ motivation.

So avoid the mistakes and start following full proof and proper employee engagement strategies: 

  • The incentive dies, but the connection lives on

Employers in most instances like to believe that monetary incentives are the end game, but not anymore. Various recent studies have shown that Gen Z are more likely to leave the workplace if they feel that they are not in an ideal position.

Build a connection with your employees to reduce attrition and ensure that they feel like a part of the bigger goal and the greater good.

  • Nothing about one time is a charm

Many companies do not offer a proper channel to employees for engagement. It is necessary to remember that this too little, too late strategy does not sit well with them, and only gradual efforts would bring in a sense of familiarity and in turn, satisfaction.

  • An earful of trouble

Communication Matters. Another common mistake is that of lack of proper communication. Every employee deserves to be treated with utmost respect and should be appreciated for their efforts, lack of which is the root cause of frustration.

Recent studies have also found that Gen Z is most likely to report and leave a toxic situation as compared to other generations.

  • The manager manages, but the leader leads

As per the findings of the research conducted at W.E.-Matter, with a 0.84 coefficient of correlation, it has been proven that the leaders have the highest impact on the engagement in the organization. So, leaders, step up and engage!

The feeling of togetherness and harmony that humans bring to each other is priceless. Each employee is unique, with different goals and aspirations. Providing the same solutions for every problem in the organization disengages the employee.

Use the “everyone is unique” approach instead of “one size fits all”.

Can you resonate with the above mistakes?

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