The Global Employees’ Choice Awards 2021

Employee Awards leads to greater employee engagement, which increases retention and helps create a more positive overall workplace. A study leveraging the science and research of our multi-generational Well-Being & Engagement (W.E.) Model.

The only award in the world where your employees’ choose the great place to  work, bringing true glory and growth to the business.

Finally, employees’ commit to the organization, attract talent, and drive business growth.

Become an Aspirational Employer

The Global Employees’ Choice Award is your gateway to attract the best talent in the market. Get digitally verifiable certificates, employee awards and sets of logos and badges for your company website, social media handles, pre-placement presentations, on-boarding & induction presentations, and more. The winners will be listed on our website and promoted on our social media handles and newsletter globally.

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Fair Employee Awards

The Global Employees’ Choice: We cover 100% of your employees and have adopted a quantitative methodology to evaluate participants and identify winners, thus removing the subjective elements or judgment by any individual.

No audit. No jury. No intervention. Just a scientific and unbiased method.


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Comparing apples with apples.

Unlike many other awards, we don’t compare apples with oranges. Our awards are given taking into account the size of the company based on employee strength. We attempt to make sure that small-sized companies are not compared with large-sized companies which are more complex and diverse in operation or vice versa.

We also recognize the differences in the industries and propose to give awards in 20 odd industries. Some companies are special in some ways. They are covered with special category awards. 

We also recognize the individual contribution of CEOs, CHROs, leaders, and managers. 


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New WE Predict

Get more than an Award as a Performing Employee

Our participants get access to the industry dashboard to know where they are compared to the industry average and top performers. Company-level standard and pro (professional) dashboards can be subscribed to. These come with descriptive, predictive, diagnostic, prescriptive analysis with multiple filters to identify the pockets of concern in your organization. W.E.-Matter dashboards are state-of-the-art and globally the best DIY tools. In addition you could have a 24/7 digital consultant in your pocket.


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