Why does Employee Net Promoter Score not work?

Why does Employee Net Promoter Score not work?

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Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS) is a way to find out how employees rate their employers. How loyal is an employee, how willing he is to recommend his workplace to his family and friends. All these fall under the radar of the employee net promoter score that is based on the net promoter score a measurement devised for measuring customer experience. The ENPS 

Researchers feel that Employee Net Promoter Score may not work on employee engagement because its limitations are more than its benefits:

First of all, what an employee expects from his company is different from what a customer expects from that company.

The employees’ needs, mindset, goals, and purpose are different from those of customers. Employees are therefore; emotionally involved and attached. They have a commitment towards the company and a monetary benefit from the same so their expectations are higher than in companies they buy from.

Second, the Employee Net Promoter Score tells us what, without answering the why.

It informs the company management that the employee is not satisfied. First with the company, his work, his co-workers, the atmosphere, the whole set-up, etc.

Third, the Employee Net Promoter Score does not focus on the individual employee.

It tries to find whether the employee will recommend his workplace to his family and friends. This does not look into the employee’s personal experience with the company. It does nothing to find out why the employee is not satisfied with the company.

Fourth, the Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS) gives no direction.

The ENPS provides information to the employees about their position in the company but it fails to tell them how they achieved that position and what more they need to do to move forward.  

Employee Net Promoter Score

Fifth, the Employee Net Promoter Score ENPS reduces human experience to a number.

As the ENPS measurement is all about one question one score it fails to take into account the employee’s emotions, behavior, failures and successes, and aspirations. 

Sixth, the Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS) lacks complexity.

A single question with a single answer is not enough to find out what is bothering the employee. Similarly, why is he holding his experience back, and what needs to be done to improve the situation. We cannot measured Complex human behavior in numbers. 

Seventh, the Employee Net Promoter Score cannot measure Employee Engagement.

The ENPS measures the number of promoters and detractors. But fails to take into account the passives that neither like the company nor dislike it. And misses the opportunity to find out why these employees behave like this. 

These employees expect the company to make some changes or improvements. As a matter of fact, their feedback is vital for the company with a different metric. 


All the above factors directly or indirectly influence employee engagement. As the ENPS is an easy metric to work with. It acts as a useful starting point to measure employee engagement. For a deeper insight; as in why the promoters like the company, why the detractors hate it, and why the passives do not express themselves. Henceforth, extra questions need to be included in the survey.

The employers using the ENPS to find out how engaged their employees should include the extra questions. In order to get proper feedback about their company so that they can improve their scores. The target should not be getting the score itself. But finding out the measures that will help in improving the score. Thus improving the number of promoters and the level of employee engagement.  

Employee satisfaction or happiness is not a one-time business. Moreover, Employee satisfaction and employee engagement are the two pillars of an organization on which the success of the organization depends. Employers need to keep a track of how satisfied their employees are regularly. They need to conduct surveys like the ENPS quarterly so that they can collect valuable feedback from their employees without bothering them too much. 

For the ENPS to work satisfactorily; an organized effort focusing on the measurement of human emotions, behavior, attitude, failures and successes, and aspirations has to be made. All these together influence employee engagement and a measurement score that can help the management keep a score of all these regularly. It is the score that an organization needs to adopt. 

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