How Did You Manage To Accomplish All The Achievements In 18 Months? #4

Interview with #PeopleLeaders​ #4 One of the dominating factors of David Clarence McClelland’s Achievement Motivation Theory is ‘Achievement’ which drives individual’s motivation and shapes his/her behaviour and approach. When I asked K V Srinivasan how was he able to manage and accomplish building Profectus Capital Pvt Ltd. and all the achievements; He shared with us his simple yet essential formula:

1. Focus upon the Basics

2. Focus more on laying the foundation stone of business, especially in terms of getting the processes, the people, and the culture, etc.

3. Fining Vision, Mission & Values while building the team around those value systems, for longer run. He emphasized on the importance of laying the foundation of business first as a very strong foundation stone is the crucial part of setting up any business. What are the factors that motivate you to achieve your goals?