Why an Employee Choice Award?

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Employees’ choose the Work Places they like… 100%

Considering that objective of the award is to attract and retain talent, the best judge is employee themselves. Most of the awards in the market are a combination of employee opinion represented by a very small sample size and audit of HR processes which makes it very subjective and calls for judgement by the award giving  organization or a jury that they bring together based on the data the organization presents to the jury. You need processes that employees believe will enable them to stay with the organization longer, recommend their employer, and be more productive. The audit and certification of  processes may not give you the desired outcome. 

Therefore, ideally the employees should themselves decide what their experience is and if the HR processes are delivering on these expectations 

Hence, we are proposing a “Employees’ Choice Award” based on coverage of 100% employees and their quantitative feedback with no subjective elements or judgement by any individual.


It is not processes, it is managers and leaders who are the key to engage employees!

While it may sound old and cliched “People join companies and leave managers” – true for 5 generations and continues to be critical. 

Millennials (Born between 1980 and 1994) and Gen Z (Born between 1995 or later) join companies and leave culture. The culture of the organization is set by the leaders. For these generations Purpose is important. Purpose is defined and lived by the leaders. 

Managers and leaders drive engagement, performance, and retention. Only our model measures the impact of manager and leaders. Therefore, the Employees’ Choice awards are the only awards that will help you drive productivity, retention and attraction. 

Most of the other awards mislead their clients to focus on HR processes leading to only branding. They do not predict business results and improve employee engagement. This eventually puts CHRO’s credibility in question.


“The Best Employees’ Choice Manager” and “The Best Employees’ Choice Leader"

As managers and leaders drive employee engagement, performance, discretionary effort, and retention, they deserve to be rewarded as well. As our W.E.-Matter is a comprehensive model, from the same survey we will let the employees decide the best managers and leaders, and again quantitively. We propose ~400 individual awards in different categories for managers and leaders.  

You also have the option to subscribe to manager and leader scorecards to drive actions at team levels to enhance productivity, retention, and engagement. 


Table below showcases why our ‘Employee Choice Award’ can help you better predict business results, improve employee engagement and attract and retain talents in comparison to the other awards in the market.


Metric Employee Choice Award Other Awards
Employee choice
Important of HR process audit
Subjective judgement
Input / Outcome based

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