The Global Employees’ Choice Awards 2022

A study leveraging the science and research of a multi-generational Well-Being & Engagement Model.

Let only employees be your brand champion and judge.

WHY W.E.-Matter decided on launching awards?

A lot of CHROs and CEOs, who have been our well wishers and have supported us always, believed that most of the awards have become commercially motivated.

 They felt that there was a need to institutionalize an award that was completely objective and aspirational. An example of a conversation:

 “We inserted the publication listing us as the winner of this decade old award in the docket of the board of directors. One of the directors remarked, ‘At

the Mumbai airport I saw the idli wala has also won the same award.’ You need to do something to help the industry.”

So W.E. Global Employees’ Choice Awards were born.

Is W.E. Global Employees’ Choice award a commercial initiative?

1. This is not our business. This is a service to the corporate world.

2. The participation is free for our clients

3. For “awards only participants” there is a small commitment fee that was waived for the first year for most of the categories.

4. The Winners’ Fiesta is meant only for the participation of the winners of the awards in different categories.

5. The cost has to be defrayed. Therefore, there is a delegate fee levied.

HOW is the W.E. Global Employees’ Choice award different?

The W.E. Global Employees’ Choice award is different from all other awards in the world because:

1. It is based on the only multigenerational model, W.E.-Matter, the only model in the world that addresses, the concerns of Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Baby boomers.

2. The award is the only one award based on a survey of 100% of the employees of all the participating companies. It is not a sample survey.

3. It is decided based on 100% quantitative measures delivered by the survey. There are no qualitative audit or subjective judgement of any kind.

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                                                                 The Statistics

 We have 41 companies winning awards in different categories out of 168 participating companies. 80 CEOs and CHROs have also won awards. We have found a very high level of overlap between individual and company awards, which is also intuitive. A number of research papers will be published in our news letter being launched in October 2022.